This year Storm has started with a new project: Storm Consultancy. With Storm Consultancy we want to give students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge by carrying out consultancy cases. We currently have two running cases but are looking for students for our new case as well! For more information about this case, you can take a look at the Utrecht Natuurlijk subtab!

We have two running cases at the moment. Our first case is with the company BayWa. They want an analysis of a potential wind power project in Utrecht, which includes technical aspects such as GIS analysis but also contact with the municipality, stakeholders analysis and much more. The second case is from Wocozon. They want an analysis of the feasibility of different electricity storage solutions for houses and neighbourhoods with solar panels. Which includes technical, policy, social, and financial aspects. 

What would joining a case look like?

You will be working on a project in a team of 4-5 students. Before you start the 10-week project, there will be a launch event. During this event, you will get to know the other students, the committee, the mentors and the contact persons from the company/organization you will be working with. The mentor will be storm alumni, who currently works as a consultant, accompanying you throughout the project to help you along the way. You will start the project by writing a proposal for the company/organization in which you set out what exactly you are going to research and analyse, you have the freedom to define the scope and approach. After receiving approval, you will start conducting the case; wherein various moments of feedback are involved.

The expected workload is approximately 40 hours per student spread over 10 weeks. These first cases are not paid, seeing that the Committee is developing throughout the year, but this is a goal for later on. So be sure to grab this opportunity and gain first-hand consultancy experience! 

We are currently looking for new cases that will take place in the next academic year. If you want to be the first to hear about this and/or have an interesting topic where we should look for cases you can sign-up and stay up to date!

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