Ekwadraat - Consultancy in sustainability
Ekwadraat specialises in sustainability, energy saving and transition management. Ekwadraat does this for governments, SME’s and industry. Thanks to her years of experience in sustainable energy, Ekwadraat knows exactly what is needed for a successful project. Ekwadraat Advies advises and assists in realising your sustainable ambitions.

Together we accelerate the energy transition.

Our generation is facing the biggest transition in history: the energy transition. In a short space of time, we need to switch from fossil fuels to fully sustainable energy. And we need everyone to makethis enormous transition happen. Together, we will make homes and businesses more sustainable, create solar parks, digesters, heat networks and much more.

Ekwadraat aims to accelerate the energy transition. Ekwadraat assists companies, municipalities and entrepreneurs in realising sustainable energy projects. Ekwadraat does this in the areas of:

- Energy saving
- Solar energy
- Biomass energy
- Fermentation
- Geothermal energy
- Circular economy
- Heat Tranistion
- Energy transition
- Wind energy
- Aquathermal energy
Ekwadraat examines the opportunities and possibilities per specific situation and which processes need to be completed in order to make use of them. Subsequently, Ekwadraat assist in the development of the project. Ekwadraat does this with her own integral approach.

Ekwadraat Advies B.V.
Address office Leeuwarden: Ynduksjewei 4, 8914 CA Leeuwarden
Address office Utrecht: Creative Valley, Stationsplein 32, 3511 ED Utrecht
Phone number: 088-4000 500
Website: www.ekwadraat.com

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