CV workshop

Our sponsor ECO-job gave a workshop on getting to know everything you need to know when applying for a job. Members could send in their CVs, which would then be checked by people who have experience with making them. During the workshop, we learned about how we should structure our CV and what we should and should not mention on it. Next, we discussed everything about how to prepare for a job interview. Everything from how to dress to how you should behave during the conversation. After the workshop, we were more ready for the job market and our future careers.

Exploring the job market & Networking workshop

Together with the Career Services of the Geosciences Faculty, the career committee organised a workshop for the members of Storm. The aim of this workshop was to get the members acquainted with how to kick of their professional career. During the workshop we discussed what possible employers could be for students with our study background. We then touched upon the importance of professional network, and how LinkedIn is a great way to achieve that goal. Franca (the Career Service coördinator of the Faculty) explained to us her career path and that it is not set in stone once you start working in a certain sector. The workshop ended with an interactive training on how to have a conversation with a representative of a company you might be interested in.

Our sponsors