Part-time student employee

*For master students*

Entis is looking for students to participate in a project to assess the degree of sustainability of 10000 companies. The societal relevance is significant, since the assessments will be used by the largest Dutch pension funds, whose objective is to increase investments in sustainable companies. In the near future, the list of users will be extended to foreign institutional investors.  

We are looking for students having an affinity with sustainability who are two or more days per week available until Christmas. You will be trained in the use of an AI-based tool that presents the information you’ll need to decide on the level of sustainability of a company. You’ll be working in a team consisting of UU students and employees of Entis. We offer a gross salary of €14,- per hour, plus travel expenses. We are located in the WTC Utrecht/Papendorp.


About Entis: Entis is an independent subsidiary of APG, the largest Dutch pension provider and one of the largest worldwide. Entis was acquired by APG from Deloitte in early 2018, where it had been active since 2011 in developing and maintaining an AI-engine to support the Deloitte professionals. Entis has two main activities, i.e. sustainability investing and factor investing (identifying factors that yield excess investment returns). Currently, Entis has 15 employees, including 7 Ph.D’s, with backgrounds ranging from astro- to quantum physics, neuroscience to AI, marketing and innovation science.