Activity Rules

Dear Stormers,

We are really excited for the start of the new academic year! However, since the COVID-19 pandemic is still very present, we must do everything a bit different than we are used to. Therefore, this page informs you of the COVID-19 protocol for the Storm activities in the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021. When signing up for the activities you agree to stick to the rules written down below.

Storm strictly follows the rules as posed by the Dutch health authorities (RIVM).

The general rules are as follows:

If you show any symptoms stay at home and get tested. Symptoms include a cold, coughing, sore throat, a temperature/fever and/or sudden loss of taste or smell.

As the rules are very important to slow the spread of COVID-19 and for making sure that Storm can keep organizing safe activities for all its members, we will work with some additional rules to save guard this.

  •  We will work with a ‘one strike, you’re out’ policy. Which means you will get one official warning. 

  • The Board, the Candidate Board and the Committees will make sure the activities run safely and according to the rules posed by the Duth health authorities (RIVM).

  • If participants at events keep breaking the rules after a warning from the above mentioned persons you will unfortunately be asked to leave the activity. 

We hope to see you all soon at our activities!

With love,

Beaufort Ten and The Uproar