Storm Room Rules

Dear Stormers,

Welcome back! We hope this message reaches you all in good health. Because of COVID-19, we set some temporary rules for the Storm Room. The Storm Room will still be opened every weekday from 9:30 till 16:00. However, some changes in the use of the room are necessary to slow down the spread of COVID-19. 

  • Three members are allowed at the same time in the room in addition to the board member who is doing the room shift. 

  • At all times everyone in the room has to keep 1.5 meters distance.

  • When entering the room members are obligated to disinfect their hands.

  • Everyone that shows any symptoms of COVID-19, has had close contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19, or has been in a code orange region in the past two weeks is not allowed to enter the Stormroom and is advised to go home immediately.  

All rules regarding the Storm Room can be updated at any time. Changes will be posted on the Storm website and the Storm Facebook page. For any other questions about Storm and COVID-19, the board is always available in the Storm Room and online!

Storm Room: BBG 2.79


With love,

The XXXth Board of Storm,

The Uproar 

P.S. All Stormers can always come by before, after, or during the break of the physical education sessions at the Utrecht Science Park for some coffee or tea to go! #bringyourowncup