OER and resit regulations


As a student you have rights in different situations. The OER, or in English the Education and Examination Regulations, contains all the information you need. The study programmes have to adhere to these regulations.

Education and Examination Regulations 2020-2021

File name File size
EER_BSc_GSS_2020-2021.pdf 364.3 kB
EER_MSc_General.pdf 251.1 kB
EER_MSc_WSM_and_SD.pdf 134.4 kB

Resit Regulations

Since two year, there are new resit regulations in place. In general, staff is up-to-date about this change in the examination rules. However, it can be the case that some things are still a bit unclear, both for staff and students. That is why below you can find the “decision tree” that tells you whether or not you have the rights to ask for a supplementary test.