Enter the Storm, Welcome (back) FESTIVAL


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Board 2020/2021 "The Uproar"
Date and time
Sep 19, 2021 16:00 - 23:00

Hiiii party people!!! Ready for some partying again?! Come to our welcome (back) FESTIVAL on the 19th of September! Get ready for some fries, great music, and above all: dancing. You can vibe with your friends and meet new people on the way! And all of that for only 10 euros! The ticket sale opens tomorrow at 12:00. 


Final information:

Thanks for signing up for Enter the Storm! Hopefully, you are as excited as we are!

We have some final information for you, so please remember the following:

- For all first year bachelor and master students and mentorparents, the festival opens at 16:00.

- For older Stormers, the festival opens at 18:00.

- The doors of the festival close at 20:00.

- Once you leave the festival area, you can't come back in.

- The address is Werkspoorkade, 3542 AK Utrecht.

- You can only pay by card at the festival.

- Be aware that there are drinks and food sold at the festival. You can't bring your own consumptions.

- You need to have a valid QR-code, so you are either fully vaccinated, have a negative PCR test of max. 24 hours old, or a recovery certificate.

- There are no lockers, so only bring things that you really need at the festival site.

- The festival is outside and it is a silent disco.

- Be aware that we have a no drugs policy. Also, if you are under 18, you are not allowed to drink alcohol.


See you on Sunday!

XXX The Uproar

This festival is a vibe.


This festival is a vibe