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LEX 2018/2019
Date and time
Feb 11, 2019 17:15 - 18:00
Green Office

What is this about: Did you know that every year 140 tonnes of medicine ends up in our surface water, only in the Netherlands? The medicine is flushed down our toilets and sewers and our water treatment plants cannot remove these substances from the water. These substances have a crucial effect on our aquatic ecosystems! For example, they can change the predator-prey relationships and organisms’ ability to reproduce. If you want to learn more about this relatively unheard-of issue, you have come to the right place! Together with Hygieia, the student association of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology and Biomedical Sciences, LEX has the honour of having aquatic ecologist dr. Ellen van Donk sharing her knowledge! after that there will be free discussion and drinks

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