Bachelor Introduction

Welcome future GSS'ers! 

On the 31st of August, the bachelor introduction week of GSS and Storm will start! During this week you will have your first two lectures. The rest of the programme is taken care of by the Introduction Committee of your new study association: Storm. The programme takes place in the wonderful city of Utrecht as well as online, and takes place from Monday until Friday (maaaybe a bit of Saturday as well, but due to the Corona virus we aren't so sure of the planning just yet).

Soon, you can find a PDF version of the information booklet for this first week down below. This will contain information about the Utrecht, the university and Storm, and much more! Normally the week planning would be described in detail there for you, but for now we can only give you a general overview, unfortunately.  

If you have any questions in the meantime about the introduction week itself, you can contact the introduction committee at: 

For general questions, do not hesitate to contact 

Of course, this year's introduction week will be a bit different than we had initially planned, but the committee is still working tirelessly on making this week one you will remember!

See you soon!

For now, this is a general planning of what the week will look like. But again, changes may still happen!

Monday August 31st: (online)

In the morning you will have introduction talks from the GSS program leader, the study advisor, the study association, and the Introduction Committee.

After that you will meet your mentor group and parents during an online lunch

In the afternoon you will have a talk from Storm's patron: Klaas van Egmond

In the evening there will be an escape room/pubquiz that you will join with your mentor group

Tuesday September 1st: (part online & in real life)

You will start the day with an online event hosted by the Lectures and Excursions Committee 

After that you will travel to Utrecht and have lunch with your mentor group

In the afternoon you will join the DIS (Sustainable Introduction Stunt) with your group

Wednesday September 2nd:

In the morning you will have your first lecture! 

After that you will get alllll the information about Storm, and her Committees!

There will be a fun city game after that, and a nice dinner :)

Thursday September 3rd:

In the morning you will have a lecture and tutorial.

In the afternoon you will have some fun DIYs

In the evening there will be online Staff-Student drinks and games, get to know your professors!

Friday September 4th: (in real life)

In the morning there will be online Cluedo (for those that cannot be in Utrecht).

If you can be here in real life, we will have some fun and sporty games awaiting you

After that, we will play Cluedo in real life.

Then we will wrap up the week with dinner!

Partners of Storm