Christmas Market

Welcome to the one and only Polar Christmas market! On thursday the 9th of December we will host a very nice Christmas market/ food festival at the beautiful Hof van Cartesius. There will be many delicious (vegan) food stands and there is plenty of space to have a nice (hot) drink with all your favorite fellow Stormers. To warm up you can dance in the silent disco area or stand close together by the fire pits or pizza oven ;). The Polar Christmas Market is the perfect opportunity to rewind and chill in between all the lustrum madness! There will also be some interesting and fun sustainability related workshops given by the Hof’s creators. Don’t forget to put on some nice warm winter clothes as the market is mostly outside. The market starts at 17:00 and we will close again at 22:30, the entrance tickets are only €5. The night will be filled with good (vegan) food, music and lots and lots of gezelligheid. We hope to see you there!

In short:

  • Polar Christmas Market/ Food festival 

  • Many vegan food stands & real outside pizza oven

  • Delicious hot and cold drinks

  • Optional: silent disco & workshops