Crave no more! A 'spiky' issue

I had terrible cravings for food. I was always hungry.

My mom calmed me that it was just a sign of PMS (cravings because of menstruation). For me, it seemed to be a sign of being Simona (or experiencing a never-ending PMS).
I felt terrible for my lack of retention, still found many excuses to keep my pockets full with chocolate bars and cookies. I miss my Lithuanian friends, I don’t like System Analysis... I’m an emotional person, after all! 

But then I came across an Instagram account called GLUCOSE GODDESS, and my life changed forever. I found a cause for my problem!

Blood sugar levels. “Why bother if I don’t have diabetes? “. On that account (which is very much science-based!) I found out that 80 per cent of non-diabetic people (if not eating correctly) experience glucose spikes.


Let me explain a bit.

When a person eats foods with a high glycemic index (sweets, white bread, pasta, fruits, etc..) in the wrong way, their blood sugar is likely to rocket to the sky. As they have a normally functioning pancreas, it starts producing insulin (which helps body cells absorb that sugar and bring its levels to the norm). The problem with spikes is that pancreas is stimulated too hard, and even when the norm is reached, there is so much insulin that the blood sugar level drops too low. Reactive hypoglycemia occurs and this condition we experience as cravings.*


During PMS, due to hormonal changes, ladies have more severe glucose spikes, thus stronger cravings. If we treat them with potato chips or chocolate, the vicious circle begins.


But what can we do about it??

You guessed right – avoid glucose spikes. YEY!


How? Easy! 


Here are my top 3 hacks that I do (almost**) every day:

1. Savoury breakfast. 
I was so surprised to find out that the first meal determines the glucose curve for the whole day. Sweet pancakes, jam with bread, cereal, even at first glance, innocent fruit juice or smoothie might set your blood on fire! For that reason, I eat unsweetened oatmeal (better whole grain), cooked buckwheats*** with hemp oil and tomatoes or hummus on a (preferably dark) bread. And some tomatoes! 

2. Carbs always go with buddies. 
Pasta, potatoes, rice, bread – better not eat them alone. Protein, veggies and fatty elements slow down carbohydrates digestion and absorption, therefore glucose rises less steeply. 

I love eating my (dark) bread with hummus and tomatoes, pasta with veggies and falafels/vegan ‚meat ‘ (but mostly, instead of potatoes or pasta, I eat cooked buckwheats, which are relatively low in carbs). Also, even better when those buddies enter your stomach before carbs, but that’s not always possible (e.g. eating pizza toppings before the base sounds like the most brutal way of disrespecting the God of Pizza).

3. No sweet snacks.
Instead of bananas, chocolate bars or dried fruit. I snack on nuts or a few spoons of cooked buckwheat (what‘s nice is that if you stabilize your glucose levels throughout the day, you‘re less likely to feel the need to snack!)


It didn’t take too long to see how these small alterations changed my life. Fewer cravings, better skin, less anxiety (I’m so chill that I haven’t even started studying for System Analysis exam :')). Also, I save some money as I don’t have too much temptation to buy sweets or unhealthy snacks!


So go and check GLUCOSE GODDESS for some more cool hacks, inspiration and recipes (some aren’t vegan, but we GSSers know how to veganize everything, right?).


DISCLAIMER. If you enjoy your sweet sandwiches and fruit juice in the morning – your happiness is more important! But it’s cool to try something new, especially if you feel like you want to live more healthily! 


* glucose metabolism is way more complicated!

** I’m a human. Sometimes I don’t follow those „rules“. That’s totally ok!

*** Buckwheats deserve a separate post! 

Useful links:

Why stabilizing your glucose levels is good for you?

Link to the IG account:

How to buy and cook buckwheats (in Lithuanian and English!)


Not sponsored by Glucose goddess. 

Sponsored by buckwheats, though.


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