I gotta feeling

I gotta feeling that this is how it is supposed to be…

After at least 2 years of online/hybrid classes, we got to experience what an actual lecture is supposed to feel like. And honestly, I gotta say that it was pretty great. Although I did not pay attention a lot, it was really nice. I was busy talking with friends and catching up on what they did in the break week and during the weekend. But just the vibe that was in the lecture hall was really great!!

During the last three blocks, people got to know each other and groups started to form. Of course, the number of people you met was limited to the people of your tutorial groups and maybe from storm events. But during this first official in-person lecture, people were able to chat with friends they made and have a laugh with each other. The lecturer wasn’t all too happy about it, since it meant that it was difficult to get the room quiet. Though he was also happy to see the actual faces of people he had to teach about his favourite topic. So I guess he didn’t mind it that much.

There was a good vibe in the lecture hall. Everyone just enjoyed a holiday week and was looking forward to Kingsday. People got to see their friends again after at least a week, but possibly longer because of the exams. I have now almost been studying for 2 years and never have I enjoyed a lecture this much.
I have never said that covid was the worst to ever happen. But now that covid is almost over, I start to feel like it was much worse than what it felt like at that moment. I start to realize how difficult it is to connect with new people in times of covid. Especially as a student in a student room, it can be very lonely and depressing. But you don’t realize it, till it is over. Only now that covid is almost gone, I start to realize what I have missed these two years of social life.

Also, I turned 18 on the day covid started in the Netherlands. My birthday is the 27th of February, which is also the day of the first registered covid case in the Netherlands. But up to this point, I still feel like I’m 18 years old. These past 2 years felt like life was on hold. Though I start to realize more and more that I’m already 20 and everyone else also got two years older.

At the end of the day, my mood was boosted a lot by the social contact I made during the lecture. I think I even stayed at least 30 minutes after the lecture to chat. Where people normally want to go home as soon as possible this was not the case. This just shows how much people appreciate social contact.

I hope this vibe in lecture halls will remain the same, but we will see how long people will find the motivation to travel to university so much. Because that struggle will start to return once there are more and more physical classes. Especially at 9 o clock.

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