Stay fit!

We all know the benefits of exercising: it enhances the memory, relieves stress, decreases the chance of getting diseases and it provides us with more energy. Knowing this, I know I should feel motivated to work out daily, but Corona has proven to be an extremely easy and tempting excuse not to do so. Even going to the supermarket firstly felt like too much of an effort; I would rather stay inside and feel sorry for myself for not being able to go out. However, in an upwelling of recently found motivation, my housemates and I started to come up with creative and low-key ways to still get our daily proportion of exercise and really work on our summer bodies. 

            Starting with the most effortless option, we decided it would be time to clean our house. Vacuum cleaning, mopping the floors, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen counters; the endless number of little spots to clean might feel like a bottomless pit. However, cleaning is just the beginning of this workout, as the real hard work starts when taking out the trash. We have had countless of walks to several containers around the block to dispose our (recycled) waste, burning calories as well as getting a bit of fresh air in the process. Experienced sports fanatics might even go as far as returning their empty beer crates to the nearest supermarket. However, this last workout session still remains unfinished on our to do list as we feel like we would need to train a little more to make it to the supermarket alive.

            Another way of exercising we have implemented, is a morning workout routine in which we target a different muscle group each day for around 30 minutes. So far, all of us have accomplished to clear 30 minutes of their morning schedules every day, during which we gather in the living room and attempt to mirror the instructor on our tv-screen. Most of the time, we are very serious in our efforts to finish the whole 30 minutes and carry out the exercises in the right way. However, we all have our days during which the exercises are just too hard and we just end up laughing on the floor, which is also fine, since laughing trains the abs as well. 

            Last but not least, our favorite kind of exercise is the one containing some beers. Playing Flunky ball has many advantages: being outside, meeting with friends (as flunky ball is a team sport), and enjoying a nice refreshment. The game requires the players to run and throw balls, making it a great sport to improve your endurance. After finishing the game, you can collect the empty cans and carry them to a container – something which you have been practicing when taking out the trash earlier!

            Even though these three mentioned examples of how to stay fit are genuinely fun, my housemates and I all agree that they might not be as effective as just living our normal, pre-corona lives in which the gyms are opened. When speaking for myself, I am really excited to workout at the gym again the first of July and actually start working on that summer body (it is never too late).

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