The benefits of walking outside

During this difficult time, many people feel like they are trapped inside. Additionally, a busy student life makes it difficult to get out of your room from time to time. However, the benefits of walking outside every day are proven to help keep the brain healthy and make you feel good. Even if all you have time for is a ten minute walk, it’s worth it. Read this list of reasons why going on a walk outside benefits you.

The first reason to go for a walk outside is to get fresh air. I think you all heard this once, but getting fresh air really helps a person feel better. However, not many people know what getting fresh air does for the brain. Oxygen is essential in maintaining healthy brain function, growth, and healing. The brain is extremely sensitive to decreases in oxygen levels. Therefore, when you take a walk outside, getting fresh outdoor air improves brain function such as concentration.

Secondly, going on a walk outside calms your mind. Coping with mental illness during these times is difficult. Methods to deal with them vary from person to person, but getting outdoor exercise like walking can help ease emotional and mental pain while improving your mood. Spending time outside improves your mood and reduces the feeling of anxiety. You can focus better in nature, and your improved concentration can help you address feelings of stress and anxiety. Your self-esteem can also receive a boost after time spent outdoors. Peace and mental clarity is a big reason why being outside is important.

When outside, your skin synthesizes vitamin D, an essential nutrient for healthy brain function. Vitamin D benefits essential daily functioning, and therefore vitamin D is important. Yet vitamin D deficiency continues to be more common each year. Getting out into the sunlight will give you some of the vitamin D you need. Even if you can get out for only ten minutes, it’s still worth it!

Another good reason to go for a walk is stress reduction. Many of you are studying all day inside, getting stressed out by deadlines and exams. Going outside can help reduce this stress. Going for a walk in nature lowers your heart rate and you spent less time thinking about problems and/or insecurities. Also, taking a walk outside will help the brain produce endorphins, which are neurotransmitters responsible for regulating your mood. Both being outside and walking can work together to create positive changes in an overall state of mind.

There are lots more reasons for taking a walk outside. I can imagine during these times it is easy to be in your room all day, but going outside really has its benefits and can make you feel a lot better. I hope I inspired you to go on a walk and breath in some fresh air.

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