Tourist in your own country

The weather is getting better and I am ready to chill out and see beautiful places this summer! Since there are still a lot of things uncertain due to Covid I am planning on going on some nice day trips in the Netherlands. You can see this country in a whole different way, here are some of my tips for being a tourist in your own country!

1. Giethoorn

Giethoorn is a very special village situated in Overijssel. Instead of roads, there is a lot of water, that is why people also call Giethoorn the dutch Venice! You can rent a boat and go sightseeing in a whole other way if you don’t want to sail your own boat you can also go on a tour boat.

2. Haarlem

Haarlem is a beautiful(and if you ask me underrated) city close to Amsterdam. In Haarlem you can find lovely streets and small squares with beautiful plants and flowers. You can totally get lost there and go from one cute place to another. Next to the city center, there are also a lot of other places you can go to. A nice and sustainable restaurant: De Dakkas, where you can eat and drink at the top of a roof! 

On the 19th of June, there is also a Storm day trip to Haarlem where we will give you a nice tour and a lot of fun things to do.

3. Efteling

So this one is especially for the internationals, I expect all dutchies to already know this amazing place. The Efteling is a theme park situated in Brabant. There are some nice rides but what I think is most special at this place is the fairytale theme. Looking for exciting roller coasters, enchanting attractions or spectacular parkshows? Discover the largest theme park in The Netherlands. A unique park in the middle of nature.

4. Camping trip

The Netherlands of course has a lot of beautiful nature to offer! And what is better than a camping trip in the middle of nature? Staatsbosbeheer is in charge of a lot of these nature areas and they also own campings. These campings are really close/in nature so check out their website for some beautiful spots!

5. Waddeneilanden

What is also very special about the Netherlands are the waddeneilanden. We have 5 islands: Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. They all have really special beaches and you can totally relax there. Every island has its own specialty. I do recommend renting a bike there so you can see more of the islands!

5. Drielandenpunt

In Limburg there is a point were the borders of Germany, Belgium and the Nethelands touch. You can jump from one country to another. This point is located to valkenburg where you can also do multiple things. There is a maze, interesting caves where you can get a tour and a toboggan run. A fun day guaranteed!

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