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This week's blog is inspired by my parents and their Sunday habit. Every Sunday my parents go for a long walk in nature or in a specific part of a city. They look up a nice route and some information about the area and go explore! This made me wonder about the routes I could find in Utrecht. I already went on some nice walks around my house and of course, I knew the classics rondje singel and Amelisweerd but just walking the same paths over and over again eventually gets boring. Therefore I went to look for some more ‘special’ routes for you and this is what I found!

1. Tasty walk

Since the restaurants have been closed for a while a lot of them have started with take-away. Tastywalks is a website where you can get a coupon for food at different local restaurants. They have made different routes of different lengths with multiple restaurants. At these restaurants, you can taste some of their delicious food/drinks. You can get a coupon every Saturday and Sunday and check in on your personal page! They have these routes not only in Utrecht but also in a lot of other cities if you want to be a tourist in your own country :)

2. Oud Utrecht(Old Utrecht)

The UU has celebrated it's 385th birthday a few weeks ago! Therefore the society oud Utrecht created an interactive walking route about the city and the university. The route is in the city center and starts at de Dom. At all the locations you walk past you can find a tile with a QR code which you can scan for more information. On their website you can find the route and already read some information if you would like. Unfortunatelly this is only in dutch, but this can be a great way to practice ;)

3. EXtuin

EXtuin is a project that combines a regular garden in Utrecht with an exposition room for different types of art. EXbunker is a place in Wilhelminapark where artists could show their work, since this is closed they started with EXtuin. All around the city art is placed in these gardens so passers-by can take a look at it in their regular walk. They also have more explanation about their art in an audio tour on the website izi(which offers multiple free audio tours). You can find it here. They currently have 14 gardens with art but they are looking for more artists to show their work around the city!

4. Plogging

Okay, we all study Sustainability sciences so this one should definitely be in here. If you want to spice up your walk you can go plogging. This is a combination of jogging and plocka(collecting) where you pick up trash while you are on a run/walk. So get a trash bag and let's go! Fill your bag with garbage during the way. This way you keep active and save the environment while being outside. 

5. Rondje Mario

This is an activity especially made for people that are dating or a couple! During this route, you will get a lot of fun facts about the city and next to that you will get to know the person that you are on a date with a lot better because of personal questions. Next to that, you have to do it completely without a phone! You will receive a map, some envelopes, and some craft beers and you are ready to go. You can pick this package up or let it be delivered to you in Utrecht.


6. Klompenpaden

If you are more into walks in nature you should take a look at the klompenpaden. These are routes that bring you to different parts of farmland! You can enjoy the silence, nature, and culture during these walks. There are 131 klompenpaden in Utrecht and Gelderland at the moment and this year they were used a lot. They have a website and an app that makes it easier for you to select a route and look up the directions. So I would say, put on your klompen and let's go!

So these were a few short tips for walks in and around Utrecht. I hope the weather will get better soon so we can enjoy the sun during a walk again!

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