Your student room: the essentials

Like many others before me, I took a big step a few months ago: I left my small town to move to the big city.

In June, I sent a message to a woman on Kamernet who advertised a student room in Utrecht. The room seemed very nice in the pictures, and the location of it was also quite good. Therefore I couldn’t have been happier when I heard that the room was mine if I wanted to. A few weeks later I went to see the house and signed the contract (yayy :) )

Then the work could begin. There was a weird green colour on the walls of my new room, so the walls had to be painted over (I chose a nice shade of pink hehe). The room could also use a thorough cleaning since there was dust everywhere. After this, the fun part could begin: the furnishing and decorating.

I got kind of stuck there. I was in two minds about what I had to buy for my new room. Do I need a desk and a table? Or will I just eat and do my homework in the same space? Will I just chill on my bed or am I going to drag a couch two staircases upstairs? Of course, is there limited space in a student room, so you have to consider what things will meet your need the most. I found this quite challenging. To help you with setting up your new student room, I made a short overview of things that are essential for it :)


A nice lazy chair
After a rough day or a workout session, for instance, you want to plop down and sit comfortably. But of course, you don’t want your bed to become all sweaty and dirty. However, when your room is not so big, a couch may not fit in there. That is fine! You can just buy a lazy chair. It doesn’t take much space and isn’t as heavy as a couch. Thus a nice alternative!

Personal decorations
To make yourself at home as soon as possible, it is important to have some personal belongings in your room. Think about pictures with your friends, a plant you got from a family member or a painting that your sister made for you: it could be anything! These things can make you feel better when you’re feeling blue. However, don’t put too much in the room that reminds you of your life before moving. It can also make you homesick ;)

A locker or cupboard with drawers
Next to my bed, I have a small locker with drawers. I find this very convenient! After some time living in your new room, you will collect more and more stuff. Sometimes you are not going to know where to put something. Just make a drawer where you will put these loose things! Next time you are looking for something that is quite random, you open the drawer and there it is :)

A hangable clothes drying rack
Instead of buying bulky clothes drying rack, buy a small one with hooks. You can attach these hooks to the door of your room or to the doors of your closet. Then the rack will hang over the door and you can put your washed clothes on it. It takes up so much less space, and it can easily be put away. Very efficient!


Personally, I find these things very convenient for in my student room. I hope you do too! Have fun setting up your new space <3


Mila van Kuijk

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