Study Active Certificate

The SAC is an official certificate that active members of a study association from the Geosciences faculty can earn. The certificate shows that a student has been actively involved in extracurricular activites within Utrecht University besides their study. These activities are not a part of the study but are an addition to the programme that is offered by the university. Examples of such activities are attendance at education or carreer related activities, being part of a committee or having a function within the university, like the faculty council.

A point-system is used to keep track of the activities of students. After a minimum amount of points has been earned the SAC will be handed out together with the bachelor or master diploma. A member of the board of Storm will sign the SAC. To obtain the certificate a minimum amount of points has to be earned in three categories: committees, education related activities and career related activities. The minimum amount of points earned for committees is 6 and at least 10 points have to be earned for the other two categories. This brings the minimal total of earned points needed to obtain the certificate to 26. For the exact division of points, click the button below.

The board will be responsible for assigning the points throughout the year.‚Äč