Alumni Committee

Hi there,

Did you ever thought about your life is as a Storm / Environmental Science / Environmental Studies / Global Sustainability Science - alumni? During your bachelor years, you probably didn’t. And you shouldn’t, because you’re living the most fun years of your life. But shit is getting serious after studying. And we're here to make your life a bit more fun. As the Alumni committee we are responsible for the group of people who graduated from University and (almost) left Storm entirely. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to hang out anymore with the people you met during your study. So we’re hosting drinks, reunions, a yearly diner and trying to use our network of (old, working, experienced) alumni to tell the current bachelors and masters something about life-after-university.

Who is joining the committee this year you may wonder? We have a large team this year, so I want to introduce to you;

Yvana Wagter (secretary of Roelant), Michelle van Mulken (secretary), Michael Nannings (treasurer + chef vice ANUS), Thomas van den Nieuwenhuizen (Chef Promotion), Roelant Knauff (Chef ANUS), Ellen Verboom (Chef nice pictures + chef awareness), Maaike Braat (Chef beer), Sterre Westenbrink (Chefcock) and  Koen Kaffener (Chairman).

Maybe you will not notice our presence this year very much, know we are there for the Storm-alumni and know there will be a ‘social safety net’ after graduating!

The Alumninja’s 2017-2018