Career Committee

Although often referred to as the “not-fun-committee”, the members of the Career Committee do have plenty of fun. “What sort of fun things do you do?”, you might be wondering. One of the main functions of this Committee is to bring STORM students from the Bachelors and Masters programmes closer to companies and professionals that seek for young soon-to-be graduates that can work in their companies. Additionally, we are in charge or raising 1500 Euros, which aid at keeping STORM running smoothly.

In order to achieve both of the functions mentioned above, we organize a series of activities that help students create networks with companies and to earn so much money. Some of these activities include the Network Dinner, the yearly Symposium, Curriculum Vitae workshops, and a few more. If you are interested in highly informative and useful events, please be on the lookout for our announcements!

To bring you these benefits,our hard-working team has to engage in a lot of telephone calls, e-mailing, meetings, and trainings most weeks. However, as stated earlier, we do enjoy what we do. It is a demanding committee, but with a great collaborative team doing all this hard work is very gratifying (plus we do enjoy a nice dinner and some casual drinks together every now and then).

Anyway, here is the team:

Jochum Jorna: Chairman
Yza de Ridder: Treasurer
Raymond Olsthoorn: Secretary
Louis van Haasbergen: Promotion
Teun Aarts: Member
Yvana Wagter: Member
Chantal Brugge: Member
Timo Verburgt: Member
Ytze de Vries: Member