We are the SusChefs (like sous-chef and sustainable, get it? ok great) or the Cooking Committee and we’re new this year. Each month we organize a sustainable, vegan dinner before the monthly drinks. On special occasions we will cook themed dinners that might be a bit more fancy but generally we will provide you very decent and delicious (hopefully) meals so you can leave for the Oude Dikke Dries on a full stomach.

In between these dinners, we organize other fun food-related activities where either we or you will do the cooking so look forward to that! Our aim is to make these activities very accessible to all the different years of Stormers so you can get to know new people whilst enjoying lovely food. We also hope to bring out a recipe booklet by the end of the year with recipes from the sustainable dinners as well as the other activities and from our dinners prior to committee meetings.

The committee consists of Geke de Jongh as chairman, Juliët Quint as secretary, Inge Ossentjuk as treasurer, Justine van den Bergh as commissioner of promotion and Gaetane Demyttenaere, Lara Broeder, Loek Bogaards and Sterre Westenbrink.