Crossing Borders Committee

The Crossing Borders Committee organizes an eleven day trip for 60 members. The aim of this trip is to get to know each other better by crossing borders and doing both fun and educational activities. This is the only thing that is set, so you can create this trip with your committee as you like it. However as we are Stormers and we don’t want to increase our carbon footprint, we try to travel sustainable. Therefore the CBC is not taking the plane, brings any meat, etc. The last years the CBCs brought our lovely driver Ton and his tour bus, which has become kind of a tradition. This committee is seen has one of the committees where you need to work the hardest and where

you have a high responsibility, however this does not make the committee less fun at all! You have meetings almost every week, so the committee becomes really close. A lot of old CBC members say this was the best committee they ever did!

This year we have a really fun and capable team, with lovely Bernard (a.k.a. Tim Verkijk) as our secretary, our enthusiastic Goost (a.k.a. Joost van Gerwen) as treasurer, cute Lizzy (a.k.a. Lisabelle Busscher) as chef promotion and our dearest, not so bol Bollie (a.k.a. Bram Wolters) as our Ton contact. Than we have crazy Starszz (a.k.a Sterre Westenbrink), sweet Scherrel (a.k.a
Sheryll de Valk) and gifted Pjain (a.k.a. Pien Brussel) to complete this committee and make it even better. I know we are going to make an amazing trip and of course try to beat the past CBC trips, see you then!

Smikey (a.k.a. Symke Nieboer)