Education and Promotion Committee

The Education and Promotion committee, most famous for the free lunches. However, we actually do more than provide you parsimonious students of oh so loved free food. During these lunches we organize the OEPS, which is an education evaluation moment. Here you can personally give feedback on courses and their coordinators. This information will be used in the evaluation of the courses in general. In this way students can actively participate in the process of maintaining the quality of education. Talking of course coordinators, we also nominate docents for the docent prize. Next to this, the EdProCie also organizes the track afternoon for firstyear GSS students and the Parent Day. Ever been to a staff student drinks? Yes that right all thanks to your beloved EdProCie. Lastly, we organize some of the excursions you go on during courses.

For this year especially, we are working on an alternative study guide. In this you can find reviews of courses by students. Which, next to the facts of Osiris might help you better chose your course. Also more summaries and practice exams will be uploaded to the stormsite.

This year the committee consists of Lizan Brauers as Chairwoman, Eva Rekkers as our secretary and Simon Remijn as treasurer. Alexander Robertus, which is member of the EdProCie for his second year, will be responsible for promotion. Saré Geurts, our lovely boardmember not to forget and lastly myself, Rosalie Hagenaars.

See you all at the OEPS!

The EdProCie

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