First Year Committee

Hi guys! We are The Sprouts, new and fresh - just like the first years! (Hence the First Year Committee, hah!) We organise fun activities to get everyone out of their comfort zone and make lots of new friends! These activities can be anything, so prepare for lots of cool stuff this year!

Our aim is to integrate the first years into Storm to become a part of this big, crazy family. :) This is why the committee is solely run by first year students (and a board member that is still young at heart).

Chairwoman (equality yay) Rebecca Hanke ensures that everything runs nicely, while secretary Floor van Oers writes down all of our amazing ideas. Meanwhile Lena Gerstmans thinks of a cool way to promote our activities, while our treasurer Violet van Rooijen makes sure we don’t spend too much on the way! Helen de Graaff, Jorian van Oostrum, Wieke Meijer and Juul Kappelhof complete this wonderful committee with their creative minds and fine personalities!

This year will bring lots of new experiences, challenges and memories (some of which we might not be able to remember, though) for all of us and we are looking forward to all of it!

Lots of love

The Sprouts