Introduction Committee

Hello Everyone!

We are, of course, the best committee of the whole university. However, this was already known by everyone, I wanted to mention this again. The name of the committee is pretty standard en simple…We are going to organize the next intro week of our beautiful study association STORM. And this will not be a normal intro week. This will be the best introweek ever. We are working hard to establish a tremendous luxurious accommodation. And also the week will be organised in a more than professional way. All this will be accomplished by a year of hard work by all of our 8 committee members. Eva, Judith, Daniel, Noa, Emiel, Saré, Jan and even Josien will put a lot of effort in the organisation of this already amazing introweek. 

This year we will focus on the week’s program where all new students will meet each other with nice bonding (drinking Klok) activities. Of course, we all managed to experience one or more introweeks in the past few years but we can assure you one thing…This will be different, bigger, better…It’s going to be huge!

Talking about details, we can not give you any more information because the whole process is top secret.

If you do not want to read back, our names are:

Eva van Hofslot: Chairman
Emiel de Bruin: Treasurer
Jan van Poppel: Mister Promotion
Judith Cornelisse: Secretary
Daniel Los     
Noa Klapwijk
Josien Grashof
Saré Geurts

Have a nice year and see you at the STORM intro 2018/2019.


Jan van Poppel