Lectures and Excursions Committee

We are the L’Explorers!! As the name implies… we love to L’Explore the world that we are a part of. We , as a group, get involved in organizing lectures, documentary evenings, excursions to museums, NGO’s and much more. We brainstorm ideas for activities, which is usually accompanied by dinner. Meetings are generally every two weeks where we divide our tasks. Once we have an activity, we need to contact professors, students, volunteers and companies/industries/organizations to coordinate a date, time and program. Then, our job is transformed into a more publicity oriented one; trying to get to you, Stormers, to participate in the activity. And when the day comes everything works perfectly. With your help we can make it a L’Excursion to remember.

See you in the next activity!

Louise, Bart, Sabinne, Kristen, Marian, Merel, Joris and Ana