Photography Committee

Whether you trip while ice-skating, dress up like Aladdin or secretly get a piece of chicken out of

your sleeve during the sustainable dinner, there will always be a Pixcie member lurking in the bushes

to capture the moment. We will create a visual record of 2017-2018 for you to look back on and

relive your best moments of the year. Pixcie will make photos for every Storm activity that takes

place and consists of the following camera-magicians: Fabienne Horneman as chairwoman, Louise

Wijma as treasurer, Rens van den Berg as secretary, Sophia Cragg and Moises Rebollar as collage

editors, Harm Jaap Tsjitse de Jong as Merry Mediator, van and Matthijs Crouwers and Stan van den Bosch as the guys who

promised they were going to make a lot of aftermovies.