Sports and Games Committee

Hello, we are The Sports and Games Committee a.k.a. the Skywalkers*, and we organise competitive and/or athletic activities. We try to organise as many events as we can, which range from soccer tournaments to board-game nights, but also an amazing hitch-hiking trip and epic sail weekend every year.

This number one team consists of Yannis Koetsier as Chairman, Sif de Visser as Secretary, Catherina de Zilva as Treasurer, Marthe Gunnink as Comissioner of Promotion, Helge Giezeman, Maureen Buiten, Frank Fluit, and Ivar Kotte.

Our aim is to have fun and promote contact within Storm, and because we are able to organise such diverse events we ensure that everybody feels included and welcome to join. So make sure to keep an eye out for our events as they will be more fun with you there! Also, beer is usually present and when is that not a good enough reason to join anything?

Can’t wait to see you at all of our activities this year!

With love,


*Awesome Star Wars reference, but also ‘Sky’ as in storms happens in the sky, and ‘walkers’ as in physical activity; get it? All credit to Helge’s cleverness.