Storm Magazine Committee

It is the goal of the Storm Magazine committee to keep everyone's mind full of interesting thoughts and ideas concerning, well everything, but of course also sustainability. However, we also like to memorate dear Storm in our articles. The committee translates its' thoughts into blogs that we post every week on the website or in the magazine, of which we publish four in a year and can be read in the Stormroom with a nice cup of coffee or tea. The blogs can vary enormously in topics, from funny pieces where sustainability is included in Harry Potter, to our experiences at Storm, or a discussion piece about how we can change the world without knowing it. As for the magazine, the pieces are written around a certain theme, and again they vary a lot. The magazine usually includes some opinion pieces, an interview, recipes and not to forget puzzles! 

This somewhat strangely but definitely interesting group, of people who are going to make all of this come true, consists of our excited Sri Lankan Droovi as Secretary, our always outspoken (and mostly complaining but he can be nice as well) Mathijs as Treasurer, our bounce ball of a board member Helge as Commissioner Promotion, the tough but with a small heart Tom, the highly ambitious (where does he get the time from) Vincent, the funny and always traveling Jan, which leaves me Florette, aka the only woman, as Chairman, to keep a reign on the boys and to make this another great year for the Storm Magazine Committee. This year we have the plan to take the committee a step further, however, what this entails is going to stay a secret for just a little longer. Stay tuned!