Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is going to be a little different than previous years, as the monthly sustainable dinners have been taken on by the new Cooking Committee. This gives us a lot of room to think of new ideas and activities in which we can focus on being (even) more sustainable! We want to start giving tips in the weekly mail and have challenge weeks, so stay on the lookout for those. Besides that, we will host a few activities surrounding the topic of sustainability throughout the year.

This year we have an incredible team, with Myrthe van Stijn as chairwoman, Gino Dessauvagie as secretary and Laura Doan as treasurer. Eva Botermans and Rebeca Segal form our promotion team, and together with Juul Kappelhof, Julia Fritzsche and Robin Abbing, the Sustainability Committee of 2017-2018 was born. We are very excited to organize fun, sustainable activities for all of you Stormers, so see you there!


The Green Team