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If I got a euro for every time someone recommended me an article on climate change, or anything to do with sustainability in general, I would be a rich man. That’s also the ironic part about this blog, the newsletter, and in general all literature I write on sustainability. I am adding to the enormous amount of paper that reports on how bad our situation is and that we need to act, but in no way at all adds any type of action.

            I regret to say so, but up until now, I feel the countless hours I have spent typing up sustainability papers has contributed next to nothing. Though the mantra is “every little piece helps”, I feel like every little piece in this context is akin to a grain of sand being dropped into the ocean, or, to put it in sustainability terms, a plastic micro bead on a beach. I almost want to stop writing and start acting, but then Florette would get mad because I didn’t write a blog.

            I believe we need a Martin Luther King Jr., a Mahatma Gandi, a Jesus Christ for sustainability. Basically, someone so well regarded, so well informed, and so communicatively able that they become a leader that everyone can stand behind. A leader shaped by his ideas and not by his persona. A leader with charisma that transfers into ideas and action instead of personal gain. A leader (*Cliché Alert*) that saves our earth from ourselves.

            But who am I kidding, there is a billion to one chance that this “earth messiah” reads this blog, yet I believe this message counts for everyone. Go out there, whether it is a group project, an own start-up, a political party, an environmental movement or even a magazine committee, just take an active lead in something. Our world needs more capable leaders. A group without a leader is no more than an arbitrary group of individuals arguing in a room.

            Great leader, small leader, stand up and lead. Be brave, be brazen, be bold. Be that person that raises their hand, that gets up in the morning looking to create change and goes to bed dreaming of tomorrow’s opportunities. Act, lead, advance and maybe you will become the next earth messiah.

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