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Sustainable Introduction Stunt

Guys! GUYS! Do you all remember that event we had on the Mariaplaats? We, as study association STORM, have won the award for best sustainable introduction stunt! The jury was unanimous in their decision and out of many other stunts, we were the best! 

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, STORM participated this year with another new setup. With all new GSS students together, we engaged in promoting the sustainable development goals. Students were divided into their mentorgroups and sent all over Utrecht. They did excursions, asked questions to experts and engaged in the activities the organizations participated in. For instance, some people working in the “Stadstuin” initiative that engaged in various sdg’s. Other examples were a sustainable shopping tour by DUKO for sdg 11, plastic fishing with SupItUp! for sdg 14 and many more. After that, like good environmental students do, the groups prepared a poster presentation for all of Utrecht at the Mariaplaats. There was music, good weather and many engaging pedestrians that passed by.

So, this all landed us a nomination for the most sustainable stunt award. The award night was located at the top floor of the old Heineken brewery in Amsterdam and had an amazing view. At the so- called Heineken Experience, we had a chance to grab a beer and talk to all the numerous other study initiatives, student associations and introduction week committees. However, there were only three prizes and only three groups could win.

First, there was the prize for “most sustainable introduction week” in which groups as the UIT-week, the EUREKA-week from Rotterdam and the Inkom from Maastricht participated. They contested on multiple different parts of the week such as energy, waste management, decoration etc. The InKom won by the way. 

After the first award came our event, the DIS award. Heineken and DORP festival just finished their inspiration talks. And we were mostly chilling at that time. To be honest, we didn’t think we would win this. However when Jan Eigeman started talking, it sounded suspiciously like our stunt. The chairman of the jury continued: “We have seen different initiatives that focused on energy, waste management and other sustainable practices. However there was one initiative that stood out..”. Our hearts were racing. When they announced Storm as winner, I remember exclaiming a loud “NO”, Judith knocking over another glass and the confused look of Noa not really realizing what just happened. A really cool experience. 

For the third award, ‘the waka-waka social impact prize’ we were also nominated. This was the public award which all of you could vote on. (And I spammed you about) The result was pretty tight! We got third place. The winner had roughly 325 votes, the second place 319 and our third place, Storm, had 279 votes. Roughly a 46 vote difference. Close!

Wrapping up, We want to thank everyone that voted this year, and really want to urge everyone to make the coming year another success! For the next year, I really hope everyone will challenge themselves to make it another fresh and rewarding experience! Leave a comment with what you would do next year if you were in charge, I would love to hear everyone’s ideas for this. Also, if you have any other criticisms or remarks, let us know!

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