A first year’s impression of Storm

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A first year’s impression of Storm:


It’s been several weeks since we embarked on the sustainable journey of GSS. About 7 weeks have passed since our wonderful intro week! A week that I think many of us will never forget, can’t say the same for the intro weekend however, I don’t think I can remember that weekend to begin with.


Anyways, we are well underway in our first year of GSS (and Storm), last week our wonderful chairman wrote a piece about eating less meat, however this week I decided on a fresh new topic. “A first year’s impression of Storm!” I have to say, that although the title says “a first year’s impression” this is my first year’s impression of Storm. Therefore, it does not reflect everyone else’s impression, but this had a catchier name, so thought I would go with it.


Flashback to 5-6 weeks ago when we were all still recovering from the intro weekend, and getting ready for our first lectures and tutorials, we were all fresh and excited to start (most of us anyway). I quickly found a great group of friends and signed up for a committee at Storm. I realized almost immediately that I would enjoy my time here, from the start I felt as if I was part of a family though not necessarily my intro family #supergaande! (see photo)


As the weeks passed by, and many assignments were handed in, we became closer and closer as first years. Acquaintances quickly became friends, and everyone started to feel at home. People started working in their Storm committees and started understanding how everything worked; this definitely wasn’t different for me. I met my Storm committee and was immediately integrated into the magazine family, a crazy bunch of people, with whom, I am sure I am going to have an amazing year with. These first few weeks included many new firsts for all of us, our first Storm party (of which, I wish I could remember more), our first exam (of which, I wish I could remember less) and many other amazing things.


When I look back at how we all didn’t know each other at the beginning of these first few weeks, I’m amazed at how close we have all gotten, its like I’ve known all of you for so much longer than 6 weeks.


Finally, my impression of Storm. When starting here I didn’t quite understand what a study association entailed, I thought it was only education and career related. Now I realize how wrong I was. Storm for me, was not just a study association: it was a way for a kid like me, who knew almost no one, in study he didn’t know, in a city he never lived in, to become a part of a whole family, one that he would never forget.


I believe that I speak for every first year student of Storm when I say that, I want to thank Helge, the Storm board, and all the older members at Storm for making these first scary few weeks ab-so-lutely amazing!





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