Finding your summer love in Utrecht

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When you went to Utrecht to study, your hormones, that went crazy during your teens, are more stabilized. People from the other sex (or same sex) are not the main topic anymore of giggle nights with your girlfriends or tough men’s locker room talk. Nevertheless, I found that some students still experience high peaks of ‘he/she is interesting’ moments, especially when they are drunk or at the beginning of summer when clothes are less concealing than in winter and the natural mating season starts. So yes, it is that time of the year again to flirt, kiss and make love. And though tinder is a way of picking up a nice person, I’d prefer the old-fashioned way of meeting someone. Therefore I’d provide you with some tips on where to score your hunk/beauty.


The gym

Yes, this is a personal favourite. Though the gym’s main purpose is for personal challenge, there is a flick of ‘seen and get seen’ atmosphere. I have noticed that some men are getting stronger the minute a nice lady walks by, and the ladies definitely check out a man’s guns while doing their lunges or glute kickbacks. It is easy to start a conversation: “Can I use your weights when you’re done?”, “Do you want to spot my bench pressing?” or for the real deal “Can I train my abs on you?”. A big plus is that gyms have mirrors, so while you are checking the reflection of your own exercises, you can nonchalant check out all fishes in the see. Pro of the gym: you’ll get a summer body, con: you are sweaty.

The library

Though starting a conversation at this location is rather hard, your body language skills are even more important. Eye contact is the first step. Stare long enough to show your interest, but not too long as you might appear as a creep. If you want to conquer your target with winks or blow kisses, you might practice this before in a mirror. If the contact endures and the tensions are increasing, it is time to make a next move. Write your number on a sheet of paper, fold it to an airplane and voilà, let it glide gently on the air condition motion of the library towards your prey. Pro of this: very romantic, con: takes some good practice for your facial and air folding skills.

The terrace

During summer months, parks, roof terraces and other outdoor areas of Utrecht are overflown with students longing for some sun and cold beers. You can make your move at squares such as Neude and Janskerkhof. At peak hour, when all terraces are filled and there are only some empty chairs left, look for a table with often more than one person of interest and ask kindly if you (and your friend) might join their table. If everything goes according to plan, you might extend your drinks to dinner or dancing, making it basically a (double) date already. Pro: you can do this with your friend, con: it might be a little awkward.

A working group

Fate (not the first letter of your last name) has brought you together in a small room that smells like old socks, with a bunch of other students and a boring teacher. Your eyes are set on that one person in the room, knowing you are a match made in heaven. Make sure to focus on the group conversation, so when you get the chance to speak, your words make sense. Meanwhile you can check out if the person of interest is not only highly attractive, but also has a high IQ. If the interest endures, you can always ask for a date or a number. Pro: gives time to reconsider your target, con: hard to determine mutual interest. There is also the high risk method: during the introduction round, mention you’re single while staring at your target. Credits if it works, but big chance of failure and embarrassing feeling for the rest of the course.

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