How to survive a snowstorm?



We are all living in the beautiful country of The Netherlands where rain is not unusual. But sometimes, in winter, it starts snowing. Everyone becomes excited and wants to do fun activities such as snowball-fighting and sledging. Christmas music sounds out of the shops in the city-centre. Families are decorating their Christmas’ trees together with a cup of hot chocolate. Snow means a nice time together with friends and family.


But snow isn’t always reason for pure fun. Trains are delayed, people are falling with their bikes, it is too cold to drink a beer on a terrace at De Neude and people get bored lonely in their room while university cancels all their lectures and exams. So, how can we survive these horrible times of snowing?


Firstly, gather with some friends in a warm and cosy place and make yourself comfortable.  The second thing you’ll do is making a hot chocolate and for the vegans, making a hot cup of soy milk (uwl). After that, you can take a blanket and relax on the couch with a good conversation with your buddies. However, talking for hours can become very boring. So, what I suggest you to do is picking a board game. Take for example a game like risk, and play on for hours. A little bit of battling during winter isn’t that bad. Oh, and make some cupcakes with, for example, Vincent. He’s so good in making these things. I think that is because he is in the faculty council. Considering everything, with these ingredients I am sure you will survive the cold winter days here in Utrecht.


For now, take a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, a game of risk and enjoy your cold days together with all your friends. Oh, and make sure that you are in shape for the coming Dies week. A snowball-fight might help. See you there and if not I wish you a cosy winter!

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