How to survive the Dies week

Hello Stormers!

The Dies week of Storm is just around the corner, but what is it again? Dies is short for dies natalis in Latin, which literally means birthday. Storm will celebrate its 26th birthday on the 12th of December, and why leave it at one party if you can celebrate for one whole week? The board has organized various activities for all its members to enjoy fun things like a party, something delicious like a dinner or something informative like an excursion to Greenpeace. As a fourth-year student I already know my ways around this crazy week and want to share some of my wisdom with you! Sit down and read the following tips carefully.

1.Plan well

The Dies week is usually planned in a busy time where most people have exams. You already knew this for weeks though, so make a planning of which activities you can go to and when you are going to study. Keep in mind that you plan nothing too intense the day after a drinking activity. However, you really want to pass your exams so schedule some study time and be efficient during that time.

2.Buy a passe-partout anyways

Really though, the Dies week may be crazy busy, it is also one of the most fun weeks in a year, so just buy it and go to every activity. You don’t want to miss out on these cool activities, like the 24-hours trip with Ton (!!!!). The older years already know who Ton is, and especially after remembering a week like CBC can’t miss out on an opportunity to party with him again. For the first years, you really want to get to know Ton. He is our famous and loyal bus driver, and always assists us on our crossing borders trip. Get a taste of what will await you in April!

3.The Beer Cantus

The Beer Cantus is something totally different. Be prepared to drink way too much beer and have a lot of fun singing (aka shouting) your favorite songs. There are however some very important rules that you need to keep in mind. First of all, there is a dress code. Guys, dress up with a white shirt, a jacket and a tie. Ladies, wear something formal, this can be a dress but also just trousers with a blouse. Secondly, be on time, if you don’t, you will suffer the consequences. Thirdly, eat well beforehand, you’ll need it. And lastly, when you sit you drink, and when you stand you sing!

4.Go to the opening party because Lieuwe will be there

We’ll make it a game that the person who takes the best selfie with Lieuwe wins a prize! Send it to

5.Have fun!

Probably, the most important tip of all is just enjoy yourself. The Dies week is so much fun because it is busy and chaotic. Remember that you’re not the only going through this, you have your friends who also have to study and who are also probably going to the same activities. You might get to know some new people (yes, even us Michael) and be surprised what stories they have to tell. Even veterans like Ellen and Aron are going to activities! You really don’t want to be the person that wasn’t there when everyone is gushing about how amazing it was.

What are you waiting for??

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