Open our gates and let flow

From within our green bubble, if I may call Storm such, it has for a long time been priority to convince others of the impending disaster. Climate marches, petitions, voting for Groenlinks, in such we have taken sustainability as the primary item on our agenda so that others may notice it. A battle for awareness and attention has been fought. The first battle in the war we must continue to save our earth.

And we have succeeded! Through skepticism, doubt and misgivings, we must admit that the world is finally catching on to the fact that we are ruining the world. Though it may not be the first thing on their agenda, it certainly plays a role in most everyone’s mind (save a crazy blond in the oval office). The world is becoming more sustainable. Maybe not fast enough and not urgent enough, but I a firm believer that everyone has realized we need to get that lonely polar bear of his iceberg.

Our ideas have caught on. Let us pop our bubble and change our mindset as well. We no longer need to fight the public opinion from our green fortress. Open the gates of the castle and let flow our ideas, enthusiasm and inspiration. Flood the world with the concoction of our collective effort in sustainability.  The public is eager to change, but is still in the cradle of sustainable thinking. Let us take them by the hand, teach them, inform them, and demonstrate to them how to create this transition they now believe in.

               Finally, individuals have never won a war. It takes collective effort, a group, a movement even. Let Storm be a part of the movement, let it unify us as it does already, but let it guide us in the direction of new battles. From awareness to sustainable initiatives, and from attention to new ideas everyone can join. Positivism is key, let storm bring forth a first step, let it be the one to open the door for all those who’s attention we have grabbed and who are now finally aware.

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