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Holidays are just around the corner and since I’m being a total hypocrite, flying across the globe to see family and friends, I thought I would make a resolution to go on a sustainable holiday next time I travel. Maybe you would like to do the same! Here are 8 types of sustainable holiday ideas for you to try out.

1. Camping Utrecht

The best holidays can be staycations! Go and visit Rhijnauwen, lay in the sunshine, go swimming in the rivers, or at the beach (Soia), visit a museum and do all of that whilst staying at Camping Utrecht! We have tried it out last year, its amazing, no need for cooking (thuisbezorgd delivers) and the derrick is only a 10 min bikeride away. And if you forget your swimsuit, you can just go and get it at home! I believe it is also one of the most sustainable holidays you can have.

2. Biking holiday

Some people swear by a biking holidays, as it is the best way to experience a country fully. You will see most of the countryside and you will visit places that are not usually visited by tourists. It will also be a very active holiday, which is great for your health and your endurance! A friend of mine biked to a festival in Denmark. Which is quite a cheap and nice way to get there if you have the time!

3. Sailing holiday

A long sailing holiday can be a nice way if you want to travel to for example England! Some people say it is very therapeutic to see nothing but water and to let the wind take you where you need to be. Just make sure that you are prepared to battle the wind, and that you have people on board that know how to sail when you are not an expert yourself, it can be dangerous.

4. Train holiday

When you are not that kind of person to go on a biking holiday but you still want to travel a bit further than Utrecht, an easy way is to take the train. It is electrically powered and therefore in most countries in Europe quite sustainable. Especially in Norway, where more than 98% of all electricity is hydro powered! And in the Netherlands, NS also rides on green energy so no compensation is needed there!

5. Sustainable projects volunteering

Just google sustainable volunteering projects and you will find all sorts of interesting projects that can take you to interesting and far away places. This is more something for the traveller that wants to have an impact on other people’s lives. Through this, I would say a plane ride would be validated. But some people might argue with me about that. It would probably be a great experience though.

6. Sustainable internship abroad

You can’t beat the benefits of hands-on experience. And when you would do a summer internship or program outside of the country, it might feel like a holiday. Since you will live in the same place for a longer period of time, you will get to experience the culture and the city more extensively and make friends with people from all over the world!

7. Hitchhiking trip

So many people are traveling this world unsustainable, why not take advantage of it? Of course we do this with Storm every year, but you can also see it as a way of travel for other holidays and you can decide where to go based on the rides you get. Maybe you will find some great new cities that you would have never been otherwise!

8. Hiking holiday

A hiking holiday can be fun as well if you really want to travel at your own pace, with your own things. One path you can take is the Pieterpad, it is quite a famous trail of about 500 km going from Pieterburen to the St. Pieterberg. It should be a hike full of amazing nature, and good accommodations on the way if you don’t want to take the tent. A way to experience the Netherlands in an entirel new way!

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