Swimmimng pools are sustainable (a.k.a. Who wants to buy our swimming pool?)

Though I was hardly able to enjoy it due to the infernal hell also known as Statistics, it was finally warm outside. From the UB window, I could see everyone shedding their coats, putting on their shades and catching the rays. According to “weeronline”, a very reputable source, it was the warmest day ever on the 7th of april1.

And what more do you want during these warm summer days to come than a big beautiful swimming pool? Relax in the deep blue water, taking sips from your mojito while Paul Simon plays in the background without a care in th world.

And what’s even better, a swimming pool in your garden gives you the feeling of vacation all summer long! No longer do you need to book flights to the Philippines or the Maldives. With a bit of imagination, and the intex swimming pool, you can have the feeling of unbridled freedom and relaxation similar to trumps 5 star mar-a-lago resort, without the negative consequences of actually staying in a trump hotel.

              Now’s the time to invest in your sustainable holiday, to create a vacation in your own backyard you can invite all your friends to and have the wildest pool parties. (party tip: fill the pool with Klok bier, this is cheaper than water). For everyone who is already daydreaming about this scenario, we have an amazing deal for you. We are selling a world class swimming pool for just 79.99eu! So don’t hesitate and hit the link below!

The Storm guessing game

The Storm guessing game

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