The Storm guessing game

It is time for a very random Storm blog. The first part contains a small poem. The idea is that you can add to this poem. Just think of 5 sentences starting with Wind and Wind and Wind. If you want to add this just email me ( and maybe you find your piece in this poem at the end of this year. It is at this moment that I will post the full poem.

The second part are dutch ( good for practice, internationals) quotes made by the board ( Helge, Sterre, Louise, Saré, Teun and Juul ) The idea is that you have to guess who made the quote. E-mail or show me your answers. The person who knows the board the best gets a beg with chocolate eggs ( yeah you can even choose which colour). Board members cant play this game and if I see you cheat I throw a egg at your head ( Saré).

The last part contains a limerick ( small rhyme) about a person from Storm. This can be any person. Again email me or say to me who you think this person is. However stay quiet about this as I will make a limerick about the person who guesses it right again. This limerick is than again open for guessing of course and this way at the end of the year we will have a lot of limericks about a lot of Stormers.

Enjoy my creations.

Cheers, Helge



Wind and wind and wind

All that is directed

Storm or breeze

Fart or sneeze

I follow you

Wind and wind and wind

You lift me and bring me

Through places and faces

Forever my memory

Taken by you


Quotes from the board

……….: We worden gewoon keihard geseksideert hier


……….: Ik ben de pijpslet


……….. Lekker aan elkaars stokken zitten


……….: Ik vind volle ballen ook altijd kut


……….: Beetje pussyverdrag


……….: ‘Als iemand kotst op de piano wordt ik echt verbrand door mn ouders’


………..: je moeder en je eiwitten


……….: Men are no objects! ………..: Mannen zijn toch gewoon het aanhangsel van een penis?


……….: Louise zit een Oreo te beffen


………..: Ik zeg het niet vaak, maar nu moet je gewoon slikken


………..: Voor de beste Arische Kenmerken moet je naar Afrika gaan


………..: Ik ga toch ook niet mn lul steken in een bak met bloed


………..: “Is de bus heel erg groot? Want Saré’s moeder moet ook nog mee”


……….., wijst naar kruis: “Zie je deze broek, de spanning die heerst in deze regio”



Mistery person limerick


He knows and sees all that we do

He is there to help me and you

The years start to count

He will forever be bound

To Storm, our lives and what we do




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