Tribute to the old Storm room

A tribute to the old Storm room

By: Florette Reijman

I know it’s the start of a new year, with a new board and a new Storm room, however, we haven’t properly mourned the old Storm room. This great, yet way smaller room, was in the Marinus Ruppert building and is for many older year students where their first Storm memories began.

Oh I remember it from my first year. I didn’t go there until December, as I was too scared to go by myself with so many older year students usually present. However, I was pushed by my committee at the time and slowly but surely, I began to go more often. To clarify it to a few people, this was three years ago and there were usually some dirty cups or dishes strewn around the room as Aron didn’t do any in his board year ;) . Despite the smaller room, it was always filled with people as Storm was smaller in members in the old days.

Times do change, and so did the Storm room. We saw many different facets of our ‘gezellige’ room. Take this very short journey with me of the previous Storm room:

This is how no one ever saw the Storm room, except for the board who cleaned it. It takes about 10 seconds for people to storm (ha ha) in whilst fighting over clean cups for their morning coffee and tea.

The Storm room during ‘Je Moeder Belde Dat Het Bier Op Moet Vanavond Avond’ back in 2014. A lot of the ‘oude garde’ were present. Look closely and you can see Yannis on the left or Joris on the right when he still had long hair!

The Lustrum Committee turned the Storm room into a silent disco club where we had our own bar! With pieces of mirrors glued to the wall and an awesome graffiti, we danced till we had to leave.

That time when the number of first years tripled, and it didn’t fit everyone anymore. With the start of GSS the capacity of the room was tested. During the first months, the lunch period was especially a very busy time. Luckily it was more balanced out later in the year.

We even had pets in the Storm room. All right no, the building was plagued with mice, so occasionally we saw a mouse running from under one couch to another, or even a dead one once in a while. One day however, we found a nest of baby mice. Don’t they look cute?! We had to set them free though...

This was just a little slideshow of some activities that were held there and some memories that we’ve shared. Don’t forget the times when old boards thrashed the rooms for the new boards to clean. Or the hours and tournaments of FIFA that were played. Or even the many Disney marathons that Michelle & Ellen organised!

The question remains now is what do you do when it’s time to say goodbye to the Storm room? YES, you mix bubbles and beers to create a big farewell party. Well, it turned out not to be that big but fortunately we thought of some great things to do. How about thrashing the room by throwing knives in the wall and draw dicks everywhere? You can see the results in the picture below.

With our names branded on the walls and all our stuff thrown into boxes we shed some last tears about the end of another great year and the heart of where we bonded amongst each other. Ah the sweet memories. Martinus Ruppert 002 will forever be in our hearts.

p.s. the new Storm room is totally cool and bigger, so come by at BBG 2.79 to get your free coffee and tea!

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