Winter sports and Storm

Winter is coming. Not only is this the famous quote from the Starks, it is also the one thing everyone going on winter sports trip wants to hear. As in a few days the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang will start, I thought a winter blog would be suitable. So, this blog will be about if Storm should organise a ski trip or not. As this is a piece which contains pros and cons of this issue, the intention of this piece is to start a discussion on if we should do this.

First of all, let’s start with the bad news. Skiing is not sustainable. We of course would go by bus which is actually quite sustainable, but when we arrive the problems will arise. Firstly, we use more energy when we are in the ski house than when we are at home. We leave the lights on, use the radiators to dry our ski outfits and we leave the door open which lets the cold in. This is just the beginning, when we go outside it gets worse. To go down you first need to go up, this makes sense, but because of this you need a lot of lifts using an enormous amount of energy.  Next to this people tend to eat a lot of meat when they are on winter sport. When you have been skiing or snowboarding for several hours, one seems to feel ready to eat half a pig and a bag of fries. If you are finally done with skiing, you probably end up in a heated outside bar sipping a cold beer. This is not even the end of you being unsustainable, as when there is not enough snow, enormous energy eating snow machines are turned on. This does seem as bad news, especially when you decide to destroy things such as: a tv, a door or a French person. This is not sustainable at all!

However, there is also good news. For the good news let’s start with the fact that 44 Stormers went on the ski trip this year. This means that even though Storm is not organising this trip, every year a lot of Stormers go on this trip. Therefore, it might be better to organise it as Storm, and thereby making sure that the trip is as sustainable as possible. It’s also a good opportunity for our ever-growing association to introduce another big committee. This will give the opportunity to 7 more people to enjoy a year with big responsibilities. It also makes sure that there is a trip every year instead of depending on the goodwill of elder years taking this responsibility.

Discussions about whether we should do this have been around for some time. However, right now is the time to let your voice be heard. So, if you are in favour or against, write your opinion in a comment and you might influence the next board to introduce the Suskicie!


Cheers Helge

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