On Thursday evening, April 14, the day was finally there! The  famous Crossing Borders trip could finally start after two years of Corona! The atmosphere in the bus was already good when we left campus, there was singing, games played and everyone got to know new people. In ten days we made a tour throughout Germany, staying in Munich, Dresden, Berlin, Rostock and Bremen.

During the trip there were a number of highlights: we hiked to the Uracher waterfall at 7 am, played various city games to get to know the cities, took a bike tour through Berlin, took a walk on the beach at the Baltic Sea, with some fearless people who went for a swim, and we got to know the German nightlife!
We also had a cooking workshop with food that would otherwise have been thrown away, in which part of the group also made food for Ukrainian refugees. 

During the trip, getting to know new people was central. Due to corona, mainly first and second-year students have met few fellow stormers, but this trip has ensured that new friendships could be made.

All in all it was a trip to remember!

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