Storm Magazine Committee

The Magazine Committee is, as the name already reveals, responsible for creating four wonderful magazines each year for you Stormers and for the Friends of Storm. If you were part of Storm last year, you might have noticed that the Storm magazines were somewhat less present within the association. Do not worry, this year we will do our utter best to make the coolest, most professional Storm magazine you have ever seen!   

Every magazine that we publish will have a theme to which all the columns, articles, reviews, stories, and whatever you can think of, are linked. Even more awesome, the four articles will be interlinked in some sort of way, so that a sequence is formed.

Besides the magazines that you can read from January onwards, the committee members already provide you with interesting blog posts every week. Everyone is free to write about what he or she likes, as long as it has any value to Storm. This makes that the topics will vary broadly, from tips and tricks, to experiences, to stories that make you reflect on your own life.

I can hear you thinking, who is part of this fantastic team? Globetrotter and world citizen Louis van Haasbergen proves to be a great chair. Then we have the always busy but enthusiastic Eva Rekkers, who structures our meetings (which can be a bit all over the place with so many creative minds) by taking the minutes as secretary. Jesse Doomen will take care of our budget as treasurer. Plamena Chotova will make sure that the layout of the magazines will be more than on point. Then we have Stan van den Bosch, who will use this United Netherlands experience in the committee. Anurag Sawant, our only master, is also a master in writing and reviewing articles, as he trained this skill while he still lived in India. Lastly, Yza joins the committee as member of the board.


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