Storm Room Rules

Dear Stormers,

Welcome back! We hope this message reaches you all in good health. Because of COVID-19, we set some temporary rules for the Storm Room.

The Storm Room will be closed for members from the 19th of October until further notice. This is because we have noticed that many people still came by the Storm Room and the limit of people allowed in the room was reached too often. Therefore we decided to close the Storm Room as we want to set a good example and limit our social contacts as much as possible.

We will also be working at home and we advice you to do the same. As of December 15th, the Board will not be present anymore in the Storm Room. For emergencies you can also always reach out to us via whatsapp or email.

All rules regarding the Storm Room can be updated at any time. Changes will be posted on the Storm website and the Storm Facebook page. For any other questions about Storm and COVID-19, the board is always available online!

Storm Room: BBG 2.79


With love,

The XXXth Board of Storm,

'The Uproar'