History of Storm

How Storm began

In 1991 a group of students from environmental sciences (‘’Milieukunde’’) wanted to have their own study association. At the time they were part of study association V.U.G.S. from social geography and planning. On the 17th of October 1991 the first official meeting of the environmentalists takes place, led by Rick Hoeksema. The goal of the meeting was to establish a new study association at the University of Utrecht without commitment to V.U.G.S.. This does not happen right away. First, Storm becomes a separate division within V.U.G.S. with a board and their own financial system. After that, Storm transforms into an official committee within V.U.G.S..
On the 12th of December 1991 the first General Meeting of Storm takes place. Rick Hoeksema, who was the interim-chairman until that time, charges Detlef van Vuuren as the chairman of Storm. On February 5th 1992 two important decisions are made: the committee of environmental sciences will be named Storm (STudenten ORganisatie Milieuwetenschappen) and the founding date is December 12th, 1991. On this date we still celebrate Storm’s birthday, despite the fact that at that moment Storm was not an official association yet because V.U.G.S. kept denying the request of Storm to become an independent association. On the General Meeting of May 13th 1992 chairman Detlef van Vuuren gave an impressive speech that convinced V.U.G.S., and Storm became an official association after the Articles of Association were signed on July 17th, 1992.

Storm now

Since its establishment, Storm has gone through many changes. The number of committees has been growing steadily (to 17 nowadays) and many surprising, epic and educational activities have been organised. The shift to the new bachelor programme Global Sustainability Science in 2016-2017 has also caused many changes. Storm became an English study association and the number of first year students tripled. This unique character created an enormous diversity of members and activities. But despite these changes the character of the association has stayed intact! Wherever you are from, whoever you are, whatever you look like and however you behave (to a certain extent): Storm is for everyone!

The First Board of Storm

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