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Writers are The Magicians of the Real World

Writers are the magicians of the real world. A writer can choose to mould from the real world or create a new one. A creation of a writer knows no limitations. As long as the writer knows a language they will be able to make a story, about anything. The story does not even need to be bound by the language it’s written in. Nobody(except teachers, academics and text programs) is forcing anyone to write a correct sentence. Want I if, backwards sentence this write can I. It might not make sense but talk do have to make sense do I have. As long as it's enjoyable for the reader it doesn’t have to make sense. Sometimes the reader enjoys logic, sometimes they just want to feel. If someone escapes from a magic portal to be reunited with the love of their life it doesn’t have to be logical. If it makes the reader emotionally engaged the story already has achieved the most amazing thing that any writer can dream of. The dream that your creation that is merely some letters written on a blank sheet of paper made someone feel. Is there anything cooler than that?

Why I’ve been Pinterest-ing during lectures.

Why I’ve been Pinterest-ing during lectures.

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New Year, No New You

New Year, No New You

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