Sustainability Working Group

The sustainability working group is a group of motivated students who are working on bringing their knowledge about sustainability to people outside of Storm. The group was set up three years ago by some enthusiastic Stormers.

In the first two years of the existence of the group, they made a lot of cardboard signs to bring to climate protests and gave lectures at primary schools, highschools and at study/student associations. 

This year the group has reorganized and a new core was established. This year the core exists of Yannich Egberink, Jeske de Jong, Nienke van Dijk and Maite van Dijk. With the rest of the group we came up with three projects we will be focussing on this semester:

  • A sustainable newsletter

    This project group focuses on developing a fun sustainable newsletter aimed at students. We will write about actualities, facts, tips and tricks, recipes and many more things!
  • Videos
    This project group will focus on making short informative videos to spread our knowledge about sustainability. The topics can be anything sustainability related! We want to spread these videos with for example the sustainable newsletter or on social media. 
  • Presentation group
    This group is going to organise and give presentations on topics related to sustainability. This could be in all sorts of locations like schools, organisations and study/student associations. This group will work on contacting organizations that are maybe interested in having a presentation by a few of your group members and then give a presentation customized to the preference of the organisation. 

Are you a Stormer and interested in participating in one or more of these projects? You still can! Contact or

Are you an association, school or organisation who is interested in receiving the newsletter and videos or would you like to have our group give a presentation about sustainability? We would love to get in contact with you! Contact or