LBP|SIGHT is an advice-and engineering firm focusing on three main points: construction, the living environment, and the natural environment. Our mission is to contribute to a safe, healthy and sustainable living environment. This mission starts with our own impact where we aim to keep the impact on people and the environment as low as possible, the environmental management system and MVO-goals we have created help us with this. Next to this, we help our clients to create energy-efficient living environments which focus more on being aware of the impact on the environment we have.

As a company we can advice our clients in many areas like circularity, sustainability, energy and the environment. However, we have four Sustainable Development Goals which we have specialised in. These goals are: Quality of Education (4), Fair Jobs and Economic Growth (8), Responsible Consumption (12) and Climate Action (13). 

Check out our website for more information, we also have many opportunities for Master students to combine their thesis with a traineeship at LBP|SIGHT which you can find here